Letter: County Schools Foundation Applauds Educators And Community

Dear Editor, Rockbridge Weekly:

The Rockbridge County Public Schools Foundation applauds the dedication of Rockbridge County educators and community members who took the time and energy to write, implement, and evaluate grants from the Foundation that enriched educational opportunities for students during the 2007-2008 school year:

Central Elementary School: Ellen Campbell and Coleen Cosgriff

Effinger Elementary School: Connie Bissett, Melanie Falls, Tonya Fontenot, and Andrea Townley

Fairfield Elementary School: Lisa Conners, Susan Friski, and Rebecca Jarvis

Mountain View Elementary School: Sheree Gillespie

Maury River Middle School: Amanda Dideum and Matt Schucker

Rockbridge Middle School: Alice Barr

Rockbridge County High School: Judah Brownstein, Jen Hall, Peggy Hays, Dave Justice, Abbott Keesee, Kate Stavish, and Greer Stene.

Rockbridge County Technology Department: Susan Mahood

Rockbridge Regional Library, Youth Literacy Volunteers: Susan Bushnell and Linda Krantz

Sunrise Rotary, Wal-Mart, and the Foundation: Globes for every third grader in the county and city elementary schools

We salute your efforts to make the magic happen for students.

These grants could not be possible without the generous contributions of all the donors to the Rockbridge County Public Schools Foundation. Our heart-felt thanks to each of you.


Bonny Wilson, RCPSF President

Carol Phemister, RCPSF Allocations Committee Chair


* * * * *

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