Lexington Police Beat for 10_15_2008

The following tickets/arrests were recorded by the Lexington Police Department between the dates of October 6 through October 13, 2008.

October 6

Torrence Andrew Rogers, 2213 Starfish Road, Virginia Beach, Va, illegal window tint.

Kenneth M. Pemperton, 18 Unexpected Road, Lexington, unsafe lane change.

Elizabeth Ann Wicht, P. O. Box 1093, Lexington, expired inspection, speeding 40/25.

Paul D. Tosetti, 1011 Oak Grove Ave., San Marino, CA, speeding 39/25.

* * *

October 7

Jerry Leonard Hale, 923 Ward St. NW, Roanoke, Va, failure to obey red light.

Whitney Darlene Hession, 1348 Maple Ave., Buena Vista, improper registration.

Chad William Conner, 816 Turkey Hill Road, Lexington, expired inspection.

Jack Jay Pandol, Jr., 6606 Mt. Hood Dr., Bakersfield, CA, speeding 53/35.

Donna Louise Smith, 317 Higgins Hollow Road, Lexington, unsafe lane change.

Kyle R. Sloan, 9300 Tasco Dr. NW, Albuquerque, NM, driving wrong way on a one way street.

* * *

October 8

Brandon Charles Lee, 350 Crow Hill Lane, Natural Bridge Station, driving while suspended.

Bradley E. Wooldridge, 1867 Jacktown Road, Lexington, speeding 41/25.

Jamie Nicole Austin, P. O. Box 156, Lexington, expired registration.

Adam M. Lewis, 64 Ridge Dr., Montville, NJ, speeding 38/25.

Nicholas D. Lanoue, 1954 Highway 54W, Fayetteville, Ga, speeding 41/25.

Christine P. Robinson, 21 Moss Road, Potomac Falls, VA, speeding 38/25.

* * *

October 9

Elbert D. Moyers, HC61 Box 22, Franklin, WV, driving under the influence, defective exhaust.

Andrei Schherbakov, 2662 W. St. 1K, Brooklyn, NY, speeding 54/35.Jesse M. Rappole, 114 Davidson St., Lexington, dangerous dog, failure to obtain city dog license.

Ricky Steadman, 1819 Barger St., Tazwell, TN, speeding 39/25.

* * *

October 10

Robert A. Munno, 218 E. 82 St 1RE, New York, NY, speeding 41/25.

Kenneth Barrett Luxhaj, 111430 Ivy Home Place, Richmond, VA, expired inspection.

Steven Todd Borror, P. O. Box 495, New Market, VA, speeding 52/35.

Rebecca A. Marks, 21 Jump Mountain Road, Rockbridge Baths, speeding 42/25.

Christopher M. Perry, 2324 Worchester Road, Midlothian, Va, failure to obey highway sign.

Robert J. Naylor, 609 W. Short St., Lexington, KY, reckless driving, driving under the influence.

Jacob Chase Schyltheis, 1014 Juliana St., Parkersburgwood, WV, obstruction of justice, drunk in public.

Jake Neil Jackson, 9627 3rd Bay Street, Norfolk, VA, assault and battery on a law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice, drunk in public.

Neal Nathaniel Anderson, 85 VMI, Lexington, VA, obstruction of justice, drunk in public.

Miles Noah Martin, 50 Cresta Dr., Apt. 14, San Rafael, CA, underage alcohol possession.

Don Lacy Linkous, 4265 McCoy Road, Blacksburg, VA, failure to yield the right of way.

Russell Merle Clark, 33 Pokeberry Circle, Buena Vista, expired registration.

Keith Lamar Leichty, 5971 Squires Gate, Mason, OH, failure to obey highway sign.

Jeffrey R. Stafford, 2508 Lake Albemarle Road, Charlottesville, Va, failure to obey highway sign.

Holly G. Karouls, 2953 Moyer Road, Powhatan, VA, failure to obey highway sign.

Gerard Czupryna, 5 Strats Dr., Hillsborough, NJ, failure to obey highway sign.

Mark Anthony Falcon, 10712 Sugar Meadow Dr., Great Falls, Va, failure to obey highway sign.

Jeri Liverman Phelps, 1079 Whiteside Road, Rockbridge Baths, failure to obey highway sign.

Robert David Hughes, Jr., 101 Mayfair Lane, Williamsburg, VA, improper stopping on highway.

Anthony B. Daramola, 101 S. Reynolds St. #H513, Alexandria, VA, failure to obey posted highway sign.

* * *

October 12

David Wayne Cox, Jr., 62 Cave Mountain Lake Road, Natural Bridge Station, expired tags, expired state inspection.

Miguel Angel Lopez-Santos, 131 Chestnut Ridge Dr., Apt. D, Harrisonburg, VA, speeding 43/25.

David Arnold Hill, 16 Blacksmith Court, Stafford, VA, speeding 52/35.

Taylor C. Vaughn, 12 Orchard D., Queensbury, NY, speeding 43/25.

Daniel Frank McCain, 7 Morrison Drive, Lexington, speeding 51/35.

Sven Giland Magnusson, 6907 Lupine Lane, McLean, VA, failure to obey traffic light.

* * *

October 13

Mark E. Wachtmeister, 10 Ordway Road, Wellesley, MA, speeding 44/25.

Mark Stephen Leitner, 4991 US Highway 79S, Henderson, TX, driving under the influence, refusal to take a blood or breath test.

Kiler Kae Howell, 646 Steeles Fort Road, Raphine, VA, speeding 41/25.

Bernard Jackson Jr., P. O. Box 515, Lexington, speeding 43/25.

Ashleigh B. Smith, 139 Windy Ridge Lane, Fairfield, expired registration.

David Arehart, 4105 Baton Rouge Road, Williamstown, KY, failure to have vehicle inspected.

* * * * *

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