Lexington Mayoral candidate Mimi Elrod reacts with joy as she reads the voting numbers posted at the Rockbridge Circuit Courthouse on Tuesday evening, November 4th. Even with over 400 absentee ballots left to be counted, her large margin almost assured her of victory. (Photo by Patte Wood)

Mimi Elrod First Woman Mayor Of Lexington
Lexington Incumbents Defeated - Alexander, Cox, and Lera Win Council Seats
By Patte Wood
Staff Reporter
For sure it is a woman who is the next Mayor of Lexington. Although about 400 absentee ballots were still left to be counted, the vote count posted by Circuit Court Clerk Bruce Patterson for the last time during an election in the 1890's Courthouse, showed Mayoral candidate Mimi Elrod with 1154 votes and Mary Harvey with 790 votes at about 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday night, November 4th.

"I'm thrilled," said Elrod coming from the Democratic Party at the Sheridan Livery to take a look at the board after Mayor John Knapp told her of her impending victory. "I'm also a bit nervous as the absentee votes haven't been counted yet to make it certain."

Elrod went on to say "I have worked hard for a long time in a variety of ways for Lexington and am thrilled to be able to continue. Not as a reward but as an affirmation of a woman who cares about the city. I'm a big believer in the citizen servant role. I want people to continue to tell me about the things that are important to them."

Opposing candidate Mary Harvey told a W&L Rockbridge Report reporter that she was shocked by the numbers. "I prepared myself for this but it is difficult. I'll be back to see the absentee votes." Harvey then went back to her party at The Southern Inn.

Council candidates were not at the courthouse to see numbers posted and it was assumed they were watching the results elsewhere. In this day of technology, candidates can watch on the Internet from anywhere. However, it still was a breathtaking event to watch Patterson post the numbers. It was a clean sweep as both incumbents Jack Page and Ron Smith lost to newcomers Marilyn Alexander, David Cox, and Bob Lera. The final count without absentee ballots yet totalled was Alexander 863, Cox 1070, Lera 1145, Page 606 and Smith 451.

(Over 400 absentee ballots not yet counted)

Lexington Mayoral candidate Mary Harvey gives her reaction about her defeat in an interview with a W&L Rockbridge Report reporter after seeing the numbers posted at Rockbridge Circuit Courthouse on Tuesday evening, November 4th. Harvey said she was shocked at the numbers and not quite prepared. "I'll be back to see the absentee votes," she said. (Photo by Patte Wood)


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