Maury River Fiddler Convention Results

Buena Vista, VA (June 22, 2009) - The Maury River Fiddler's Convention was held over the weekend at Glen Maury Park.

Here are the results of the competitions:

Judge's Award

John Bronw, Louisa; Leslie Dunbar, Eagle Rock; Ron Gentry, Richmond; Carolyn Shorb, Grottes; Jerry Shorb, Grottoes.


First place, John Mays, Eagle Rock; Second place, Katie Cannaday, Calloway; Third place, Cheria Quinn, Ferrum; Fourth place, Audrey Rickmond, Boone's Mill; Fifth place, Loyd Ogden, Covesille.

Folk Song

First place, Jill Mason, Mt. Sidney; Second place, Brian Muller, Ashland; Third place, Bryan Deerer, Solomon's Island; Fourth place, Dany Arnold, Moneta; Fifthplace, Dobie Toms, Bedford.


First place, Glenna Anderson, Christiansburg; Second place, Dan Pickett, McGaheysville; Third place, Shelia Rosa Dooley; Fourth place, Ed Anderson, Christiansburg; Fifth place, Barbara Dunahm, Lexington.


First place, Ryan Phillips, Richmond; Second place, Zeek Shifflett, Grottoes; Third place, Dobie Toms, Bedford; Fourth place, Ted McAllister, Fincastle; Fifth place, Gary Ruley, Lexington.

Old Time Mandolin

First place, Gary John, Roanoke; Second place, L. H. Tuyck, Roanoke; Third place, Gregory Hneycutt, Roanoke; Fourth place, Greg Smits, State College, PA; Fifth place, Connie Hensley, Huddleston.

Bluegrass Mandolin

First place, Spencer Blankenship, Bedford; Second place, Ricky Ellis, Moneta; Third place, Brian Muller, Christiansburg; Fourth place, Tara Linhardt, Taylorstown; Fifth place, Barry Lawson, Richmond.

Clawhammer Banjo

First place, Teresa Furtado, Front Royal; Second place, Tom Harrison, Fairfax; Third place, Patrick, McCauley, Front Royal; Fourth place, Doug Shackelford, Goochland; Fifth place, Tony Schming, Rockbridge County.

Bluegrass Banjo

First place, Jonathan Dillon, Wirtz; Second place, Daniel Creasy, Moneta; Third place, Lee Dunbar, Eagle Rock; Fourth place, John Brunschwyler, Rockville, MD; Fifth place, Chuck Clifton, Lynchburg.


First place, Dick Lamb, Keezletown; Second place, Tim Thornton, Shawsville; Third place, Jack Blankenship, Bedford; Fourth place, Debbie McAllister, Fincastle; Fifth place, Katie Cannaday, Callaway.


First place, Gaven Largent, Winchester; Second place, Curt Baker, SAlem; Third place, Fred Anderson, Charlottesville; Fourth place, Curtiss Thornton, Shawsville; Fifth place, Pete Wright, Walnut Grove.


First place, Amy Ellis, Moneta; Second place, Ruth Huffman, Lexington; Third place, Dennis Lee, Hampton; Fourth place, Wade Amos, Bedford; Fifth place, David Casper, Charlottesville.

Old Time Fiddle

First place, James Leva, Lexington; Second place, Matthew Kirwan, Standardsville; Third place, Steva Keith, White Stone; Fourth place, Paul Muller, Ashland; Fifth place, Ron McKay, Strasburg, PA.

Bluegrass Fiddle

First place, Jessica Zelinsky, Williamsburg; Second place, Danny Knicely, Marshall; Third place, Cabel McAllister, Fincastle; Fourth place, Guy Carawan, Buena Vista; Fifth place, Neil Knicely, Mt. Sidney.

Best All Around Old Time: Teresa Furtado, Old Time Banjo, Front Royal.

Best All Around Bluegrass, Spencer Blankenship, Mandolin, Bedford.

Old Time Band

First place, The Company Store, Ashland; Second place, Bear Ridge Schnauzar Kickers, Rileyville; Third place, Cherlie Loudermilk and Mud Hole Control, Frankfort; Fourth place, Witcher Creek, Huddleston; Fifth place, The Pomonkey Log Cabin Band, La Plata, MI.

Bluegrass Band

First place, Grit City Grass, Charlottesville; Second place, Common Ground, Moneta,; Third place, The Luv Buzzards, Fincastle; Fourth place, Heartfelt, Lynchburg; Fifth place, Whiskey Rebellion, Richmond.

Children - Flatfoot

First place, Lino Furtado, Front Royal; Second place, Celia Blankenship, Salem; Third place, Gracie Toms, Bedford; Fourth place, Claire Shorb, Rixeyville; Fifth place, Lulu Furtado, Front Royal.

Folk Song

First place, Jordin Admins, Moneta; Second place, Claire Hagman, Gladstone; Third place, Veronica Randolph, Front Roytal; Fourth place, Caleb Cox, Madison Heights; Fifth place, Vivian Leva, Lexington.

Bluegrass Instrumental 10-16

First place, Veronica Randolph, Front Royal; Second place, Guthrie Brown, Charlottesville; Third place, Harper Speagle-Price, Richmond; Fourth place, Wyatt Ttoms, Bedford; Fifth place, Jordin Adkins, Moneta.

Bluegrass Instrumental - 9 and under

First place, Hannah Amos, Bedford; Second place, Jacob Landes, Middlebrook; Third place, Brady Fields, Montvale.

Old Time Instrumental - 9 and under

First place, Victor Furtado, Front Roytal; Second place, Leah Beland, Floyd; Third place, Gracie Toms, Bedford.

Old Time Instrumental

First place, Teresa Furtado, Front Royal.

Ribbon 2009 Children Judges

Matthew Randolph, Emily Trefsgar Rose Randolph, Caleb Cox, Ben Wright, Tyler Adkins, Keri Ellis, Laura Ellis and Matthew Ellis.

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