Republican candidate for Lt. Governor Keith Fimian praised the large turnout for the Rockbridge Area Republican Committee Mass Meeting on March 5th in the Piovano Room of the Rockbridge Regional Library. Fimian told the gathering that it is very important for all to get involved in this year's election to restore the American economy and begin to undo the harm the Obama administration has been doing to the economy and our country. Over 100 persons attended the mass meeting and took part in the election of new county officers.

McCoy New Rockbridge Area Republican Executive Committee Chair

Cher McCoy was elected as the new Rockbridge Area Republican Executive Committee chairperson at the Rockbridge Area Republican Committee Mass meeting held March 5 at the Lexington Library. Also elected were Doug Larsen, Lexington Vice Chairman; Paul Bevington, Benua Vista Vice Chairman; John Brandt, Treasurer; and Jan Lowry, Secretary.

Over 100 persons, many expressing concerns about the direction of the economy, the Obama health care plan and direction our country has been heading, took part in the largest attended county Republican mass meeting in many years. The meeting began with a welcome and announcement by Chairman Bob James that he would not be seeking re-election to the chairman's job and thanked those who had been active in the part during his four years in the office. James announced he will be running for the position of Regional Vice Chairman of the 6th District.

Messages from several Republican candidates and office holders were read and Keith Fimian, candidate for Virginia Lt. Governor was introduced and gave a short presentation on the need for Republicans to become particularly active this year and why he is running for office.

The mass meeting also nominated and selected 53 delegates and alternates to attend the 6th District Convention to be held in Lexington May 5th and the Virginia State Convention in Richmond to be held June 16.

Ronnie Campbell, chairman of the Rockbridge County Board of Supervisors, conducted the swearing in ceremony of the new elected RARC executive committee officers.

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