The 4th Annual Race To The Rock Bridge Event

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The Rockbridge County is a beautiful place filled with a vibrant past, go through the “Things You Don’t Know About Rockbridge County” to know more about the county. Rockbridge county hosts a race through the beautiful Natural bridge, this year the fourth annual race is being held. The fourth annual race to the Rockbridge Event is being overseen by the Department of Conservation and Recreation of Virginia.

The race is to take place on the 18th of November 2017.

About Department Of Conservation And Recreation Of Virginia

The Department of Conservation and Recreation of Virginia is governmental department owned and managed by the government in Virginia. This office looks after all the State Parks and natural area preserves in the county. It even overlooks the event of the race to the Rockbridge. The department is headquartered in the city of Richmond, Virginia, United States.

Details About The Race

One of the most magnificent natural tourist attraction of the Rockbridge County hosts an annual event every year.

  • The fourth annual race the Rockbridge Event is going to be hosted by the Natural Bridge State Park and the Natural Bridge’s Friends of Virginia.
  • The annual race is also known as the 5k and 10k race.
  • This race will follow a course of various trails. The participants will be required to travel through multiple parts of the county’s Natural Bridge State Park. Buck Hill Trail, Monacan Trail, and the paved roads going to the Natural Bridge are included in the route.
  • The event’s time is eight thirty in the morning. The fourth annual race to the Rockbridge Event will commence in the morning.
  • There are two variants of the Rockbridge Race. The first is 5k and the second is 10k. The race under the 5k category’s registration is priced at $25. And the race under the 10k category’s registration is $30. The event’s registration price excludes an additional fee for signing up, which is fixed $2.5 for both the categories of the race.
  • A participant looking to get their names registered can do so by the fifteenth November. You can click on the “Registration” to go to the link to finish the registration process.
  • The registration fees paid at the time of registration includes the price for a Race Bib, A Race T-shirt, post-race snacks and a race map.



  • If a participant misses getting their names registered for the race, the participant can even do so on the day of the race between seven to eight in the morning, before the commencement of the race.
  • The duration of the race is not more than two hours. A participant can run, jog or walk during the race. Both the races, the 5K and the 10K race, will begin and end at the same time.
  • Here is the address for the event: 6477 South Lee Highway Natural Bridge, VA US 24578.
  • If a participant does not want to attend the event, the participants will not be allowed to refund the amount of the money paid for registration.
  • Also, a participant can go through the website mentioned in the “registration” link, to find the option of “find a participant,” which will allow to search up your name or any other participant’s name.
  • There is no age limit for the race. Anyone, regardless of the age, can decide to enjoy the event with friends and family.

The fourth annual race the Rockbridge Event is going to be hosted by the Natural Bridge State Park and the Natural Bridge’s Friends of Virginia.

  • The registration is presently on-going. For the %5k race, the registration process began on the fifteenth of September at 1:48 p.m. However, for the 10K race, the registration started on the same day but at two in the afternoon.
  • The event allows free entry for spectators until ten in the morning, on the race day. This event also provides a donation of the canned food to the participants of the race.
  • The race will begin at the Cottages and will end at the magnificent Rockbridge.

The beautiful area of Rockbridge allows for nothing but fun during the early morning even of the fourth annual race in the county. You can participate in the competition or simply choose to spectate, either way; you’re in for a joy ride.

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