Top Luxury And Budget Hotels For First Time Visitors

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If you are planning a visit to Rockbridge, you will need a place to stay. The beautiful places in Rockbridge will tire you out by the evening. But there is nothing to worry about, the county is rich in natural beauty, and most of the hotels here make use of the abundance of it.

Top Luxury And Budget Hotels For First Time Visitors

There are many hotels in the area, but here is a collection of some of the best and economic ones:


Wingate is one of the best and among the top-ranked hotels in the area. The hotel offers impressive rooms and is styled in a modern fashion. This hotel provides free parking and free internet and offers breakfast in the room package. For activities, the hotel provides a fitness room, outdoor pool, and heated pool. Winatge offers room service, laundry services and gives out rooms for meetings and conference. A microwave is provided as an amenity to all the guests.


Stonewall Jackson Hotel

This hotel is for adults as well as for children. The hotel offers impressively large rooms and other accommodations. Stonewall even offers extra beddings and cribs for little children. Wi-Fi and TVs are included in the rooms as well. The hotel provides rooms based on the number of people staying. Along with this the hotel provides free cancellation at any time and is a non-smoking hotel.

Super 8

It is situated in the area of Lexington. The hotel features free parking and free Wi-Fi. Super 8 even offers breakfasts as a complimentary offer. As per the visitors, this hotel is one of the most economical ones in the area. The hotel staff is said to be friendly and helpful. The rooms are spacious, and the bathrooms are kept clean for use.

Robert E Lee Hotel

Another hotel located in Lexington, Rockbridge, is an excellent place to stay. The hotel provides spacious rooms, modern d├ęcor, excellent washrooms and comfortable beddings. Other than this, the hotel is situated in a good spot. This too, similar to Super 8, is a non-smoking hotel with free Wi-Fi and parking.

Days Inn Staunton South

It is a little further away from the Rockbridge Baths. This two-star hotel offers free services for parking, internet, and room service. The hotel also features a self-serve laundry. Days Inn also has a pool and a fitness center. The hotel gives you a business center with an internet access if required. For other activities, the hotel even provides a tennis court.

The Omni Homestead Resort

One of the most luxurious hotels in this area offers you impressive services and brilliant rooms. The hotel features a bar/lounge, restaurant, a spa center and a fitness room along with the other basic amenities. For other activities, the hotel provides outdoor pools, tennis court, hot tub, golf course, and an indoor pool. Along with providing a place to stay to visitors, this hotel even offers services for hosting meetings and conferences. This is one of the oldest functioning hotels in the area.

Natural Bridge Historic Hotel

One of the most affordable hotels in the area, offers free room service, free parking, and free internet. The hotel provides laundry services and a bar/lounge area to its guests. The hotel offers Suites, Family rooms, and meeting rooms.

Country Inn & Suites

Located in Lexington, Country Inn, and Suites, is one of the best places to stay. The hotel provides a microwave in each room as an amenity. Plus for other activities, the hotel offers pools, hot tub, tennis court and a fitness room to its visitors. The hotel even provides meeting rooms with internet access and offers a self-service laundry.

Rockbridge is one of the best places to visit with family, friends or with your significant other.

Rockbridge is one of the best places to visit with family, friends or with your significant other. You can find any hotel in Rockbridge. Most of the hotels provide breakfast, free internet, and free parking. You can even check out discounts and deals offered by various vendors to avail a discount for your stay. Choose a hotel as per your requirements, stay for a day or a week, Rockbridge has many hotels for all.

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